Tenders Bodywork & Massage LLC

About Me

Tender's Bodywork & Massage LLC. has been in business since 2007. My vision is to educate the public on the beneficial properties of receiving positive touch through Massage Therapy. My goal is to expand and teach Health & Wellness, Conscious Awareness of Living your Highest Potential, with offering classes to help you reach those goals. As my business expands I will be adding likeminded people to my services that will further serve our community.

I offer a range of Zen Bodywork for Pain Management using several Modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue,Thai Massage, Craniosacral, Reiki, and Hot Stones. I also offer Aroma Touch (CPTG Essential Oils) Technique and Energy Work. 

 Now offering.  ACE Cellular Memory

A ccess 

C onsciousness 

E nergetic 

Cellular Memory

M`lis Wellness and Beauty Aid Products. Body contour Wraps available. Ask me about M`LIS Clay and Non-Surgical Lift Face Masque

DoTerra CPTG Essential Oils helps improve Stress Management, Immune Support & Inflammotory Response

Ojavan Mud from the Great Salt Lake Americas Dead Sea with over 70 essential trace minerals infused with mineral water. Detoxifies & tones skin.   

Enagic Kangen Alkaline Water Distributor

Change Your Water...Change Your Life:

  • Alkaline water hydrates your body faster
  • Processes Nutrients more efficiently
  • Reduces Oxidation
  • Creates water Ph from acidic to alkaline
  • Strengthens Immune System Overall

Gift Certificates Available